Qassim Cement Company Board invites its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (First meeting)

Qassim Cement Company Board invites its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (First meeting)



The Board of Directors of Qassim Cement Company is pleased to invite the shareholders to attend the Fifty’s Extra Ordinary General Assembly meeting, which decided to be held at 18:30 on Monday 15-04-2024 (G) corresponding to 06-10-1445 (H). from the Company's headquarters in Buraidah, by using modern technology through the use of Tadawulaty platform.

City and Location of the General Assembly's Meeting:
Via modern technology means from the company's headquarters in Buraidah.

Hyperlink of the Meeting Location:   Click Here

Date of the General Assembly's Meeting:
2024-04-15 Corresponding to 1445-10-06

Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting:  18:30

Methodology of Convening the General Assembly’s Meeting:
Via modern technology means.

Attendance Eligibility, Registration Eligibility, and Voting End:
In accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, shareholders registered in the Company’s shareholders’ register in the Depository Centre at the end of the trading session preceding the general assembly’s meeting are entitled to attend the general assembly meeting.

Quorum for Convening the General Assembly's Meeting:
The meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly will be valid if attended by shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital. In case the quorum is not complete, a second meeting will be held one hour after the end of the period specified for the first meeting, and the second meeting will be valid regardless of the number of shares attend in it.

General Assembly Meeting Agenda:
1) Viewing and discussing the Board of Directors' report for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2023.
2) Voting on the auditor's report for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2023.

3) Viewing and discussing the financial statements for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2023.

4) Voting on appointing the company’s auditor from among the candidates based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee, to examine, review and audit the financial statements for the second & third quarters, annual of the year 2024 and the first quarter of the year 2025, and determining their fees.

5) Voting on absolving the members of the Board of Directors from liability for the year ending 31-12-2023.

6) Voting on updating the Remuneration Policy for the members of the board, the members of its committees and executive management. (Attached)

7) Voting on disbursing an amount of (3,840,000 SAR), as remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors for the year ended on 31-12-2023.

8) Voting on delegating the Board of Directors to declare interim dividends on a quarterly basis for the year 2024.

9) Voting on the amending the Company's Articles of Association in accordance with the new Companies Law. (Attached)

10) Voting on updating the Audit Committee's regulation. (Attached)

11) Voting on updating the Nominations & Remunerations Committee's regulation. (Attached)

12) Voting on updating the Board of Directors Membership Standards and Procedures Policy. (Attached)

Proxy Form:

The shareholder right in discussing the assembly agenda topics, asking questions, and exercising the voting right:
The shareholder has the right to discuss the topics on the assembly’s agenda and ask questions.

Details of the electronic voting on the Assembly’s agenda:
Shareholders registered on Tadawulaty Services website will be able to vote remotely on the assembly’s agenda through the (e-voting) service, starting from 13:00 on Thursday 11-04-2024 (G) corresponding to 02-10-1445 (H) until the end of the time of the assembly. Note that registration and voting in Tadawulaty services is available free of charge to all shareholders through the following link:

Method of Communication in Case of Any Enquiries:
For inquiries, you are kindly requested to contact the Shareholders Relations section through phone number 0163160026 or 0163165513 or by e-mail:

Attached Documents:


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