Qassim Cement Company is committed to preserving the environment and we continuously measure, monitor and improve our interactions with the ecosystem surrounding our production facilities. Our environmental policy and monitoring systems helps us understand our environment and progress towards our environmental goals.

Over the years, Qassim Cement has invested significantly in controlling and mitigating all sources of pollution. A testimony to this effort is the dust emission reduction to less than 30 mg/m3 in the areas around our factory. Capital investment projects have been executed to minimize fugitive dust. We managed to reduce the CO2 and the dust emissions. It is worth mentioning that QCC is applying an advanced quarry management system to preserve our natural resources.

Our water treatment plant is installed for biological treatment of waste water and the treated water is utilized to develop green areas around our facilities.

QCC’s greenery and landscape is a proof to our commitment towards high environmental protection. More than 48,000 plants have been planted and around 21,000 sq.m. of landscape has been developed in the areas around the factory.